The Great Persuasion Theories

Sales people are the inspiration of website marketers. Traditionally marketers had only one job – get good quality traffic to the site. However that changed a long time back and now the marketers are responsible for sales too. Product management, Pricing strategies etc all are under one person’s authority and although this is good for the business, it puts a lot of pressure on one person. Pressure to sell.

So here are some sales and persuasion principles that are used on the websites. Typically a trained eye can easily see these being implemented across websites but it’s not so easy for the normal web user.

However, an awareness of these principles will definitely help you find more examples when you browse the net.


Persuasion principles to sell better

  • People trust what they see more than what they hear
  • Provide clarity – Answer to “what is it”, what can i do here, how will it benefit me
  • Be specific – Simple, Short statements
  • Explain the product with visuals
  • Strong Visual hierarchy –
    • Whatever is the biggest is the most important
    • Size, Colour, Placement  and White space are all part of the visual hierarchy


  • If you want people to see something, put it above the fold and to the left
  • Show contrast on the website -> then and now, before and after comparisons
  • Use arrows and triangles to keep people scrolling down
  • Whatever sticks out, gets picked up
  • Have more images and less text
  • Keep only One action per screen, and show it only when users are ready

This is just the tip of the ice berg but hopefully you will start appreciating these better and make wiser decisions the next time you are buying on the web.

Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev is a pioneer in Digital Marketing who jumped into the field of Marketing after a 10 year career with companies like Intel and Infosys and brand customers like Unilever and P&G.

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