Personal information – How do brands make you submit your info so easily?

it’s extremely rare to find a person who enjoys completing web forms and yet all of us end up filling web forms all the time and submitting our personal information on sites all across the internet. Why does that happen?

Are there any special techniques used by marketers to influence us into filling up these forms? The answer is yes.

In that case, shouldn’t we know what these techniques are? The answer is yes, again !

So let’s look at these techniques.

How to reduce friction in web forms

  • Set expectations – takes so much time and the BENEFITs like fill and get this
  • Minimize number of fields – AVOID OPTIONAL FIELDS
  • Clarity of expectations – Be clear on what info u want


  • Intentionally increase the number of fields to improve the lead quality
  • Multi step forms – get most imp info in step 1
    • Include progress indicators
    • More than 8 fields, use multi step forms
    • Alternative to multi step – Use sections
  • Start with easier fields
  • Top aligned labels work better than Right aligned labels
  • inline labels doesnt work
  • Regular labels work better than bold
  • Drop downs – very powerful, use only if required – Default option is the label – E.g. – Choose size
  • Radio buttons for less than 5 choices
  • remove – confirm password and say, show password
  • Pre select all that you can


  • Feedback and error validation – 
    • always give instant feedback
    • with every error message your website can display, an event with the same error message should be recorded in Google Analytics (via event tracking).
    • Do real time inline validation
    • Remove CAPTCHAs and use other methods of validation
Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev is a pioneer in Digital Marketing who jumped into the field of Marketing after a 10 year career with companies like Intel and Infosys and brand customers like Unilever and P&G.

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