Language Patterns of Deception

Words are so powerful because we humans have the power of imagination and words can make us imagine anything. We can imagine anything with this power ourselves or when others talk to us, they can make us imagine anything.

Foe example, when I talk about lemon, you immediately think of yellow, a shape comes to your mind, your mouth feels a particular taste. Some people feel some of these while others experience all of these.

Words are everywhere. They are there when a salesman is talking to you, they are there when you are reading a text, like this one. They are there when you are watching a video. They are there when you are thinking to yourself. You cannot escape words, they are internal or external.

Now these words are so powerful that when we read them, we tend to change our behaviours, our feelings, our emotions and the way we react to situations. For example, when you read a motivational message, you get all excited and pumped up and set to take action, where as when you read or hear something sad, then you also feel the same way.

Sales men and Marketers understand these in detail and thus they use such languages to make you go through certain emotions and thus lead you towards sales.

In sales lingo, these are known as Offsetting language patterns and they are used very carefully. In the online world, they are typically used as headings or in bold or Italics and made to stand out distinctly. They will never be present in the normal text.



Offsetting language patterns

Let’s look at some examples and though it is impossible to capture all the possible sentences that can be used, the idea is to show you how easy it is to use language for manipulation

  • “We will hold your hand every step of the way”

  • “I will Show you the ins and outs”

  • “There is Huge upside with little downside”

  • “This is Incredibly easy to get started”

  • “Its an In-depth training program”

  • “It’s a long term relationship”

  • “It’s sure shot – fool proof system”

  • and so on

Now most of these are used to gain trust, but you can have similar patterns for creating fear, for urgency, for creating scarcity, for showing authority and so on.

It’s always good to be aware of this concept, so you can detect it when it is used by a site or a person.

Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev

Advit Sahdev is a pioneer in Digital Marketing who jumped into the field of Marketing after a 10 year career with companies like Intel and Infosys and brand customers like Unilever and P&G.

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