Want to increase your ROI by more than 375% from your existing customers?

Then the right channel for you to optimise is Emailers.

Email optimisation is one of the most under rated channels when it comes to optimisation.

You essentially need to focus on 3 areas.
Personalisation of emails
Segmentation of Email
Automation of emails

Personalisation refers to adding names in the emailers

Segmentation refers to creating groups of people with similar interests, history, behaviour etc and sending separate mailers to them

Automation refers to sending automated mailers based on events like when someone adds a product in the cart and doesn’t purchase.

How to optimise emails is an expert area and you need to focus on it for greater ROI

Optimise your emailers – not just the promotional mailers, but also transactional emailers

Emails are the largest and best known method to retain customers and make them transact again and again.

Email optimisation also leads to high active users and low number of inactive users.

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